Monday, February 23, 2009

sweet msg in my old hp

1. u crossed my mind just now so i wishpered a prayer...and ask God 2 make u happy all the time..:D..
2. i've a special lunch 4 u..a glass of CARE, a plate of LOVE, a spoon of PEACE, a fork of TRUST & a bowl of PRAYERS
3. i may out of reach..out of sight..but i'll owez touch ur heart by praying and hoping dat u'l owe be alrite
4. "FUCK U" F=flowers for u, U=unlimited love for u, C=chocolate not sweeter that u, K=kisses for u, U=u owez in my fuck u again
5. 1 day if u need a fren & there are 100 steps between us, u take the 1st step 2 get near me, i will take all 99 steps 2 be there for u
6. i ask God for a flower, He gives me a garden. i ask God for a tree, He gives me a forest. i ask God for a river, He gives me ocean. i ask God for a shelter, He gives me a place. i ask God for money, He gives me bank. i ask God for a water, he sends a rain. i ask God for a pet to play,He gives me U!!!hehehehe..hoho.huahahauauaua...but, for everything dat i ask God for, m thankful He gave me U
7. hey fren, my datuk said frens r like megi..mkn time mum said, fren r like chpsmore, kejap ada kejap farther said, fren r like astro..mcm2 ada.but for me, kalo dh jd my fren, apa2 pun i x kisah, coz u'll be my fren 4eva..even when there wont be magi, chipsmore and astro..
8. FRIENDSHIP.. many people come into ur life, some leave untraced, some leave behind everlasting impression..and then there r some who become inseparable part of ur u Dear Friend, whose friendship mean the most to me..
9. its a nice feeling when u know datsome1 love u, some1 misses u, some1 needs u...but i feel much better when u know that some1 never ever forget u
10. a word of love gives spice to life, a word from a friend give happiness to the heart & the word of God gives direction&meaning to our life
11. if i die and go to heaven and God ask me wat is my last wish, i'll pause for a while to look at u and if i see u crying i wud say "God, give me a minute to hug my lovely fren"
12. if kisses were water, i'll ghive u the sea. if hugs were leaves, i'll give u a tree. if love is a planet, i'll give u galaxy. if friendship is life, i will give u mine for free..
13. dislove, islove,dlove, bestlove, waylove, tolove,saylove, datlove, ilove,realylove, misslove, ulove, solove, read it again without 'love'
14. if u read, u owe me a hug.if u delete, u owe me akiss. if u save, u owe me a date.if u return text to me, u owe me all.but if u ignore, u r wat will u do?

lots more..nxt time la..time aku boring:)